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Grooming Information

Our Vision

We believe our customers’ pets are family members.  We view them as deserving of respect and loving care.  At Khaboodles Grooming our goal is to improve the pet’s look. In an effort make their grooming a great experience for your pet we provide a calm

and stress-free environment. No other barking dogs, no caged animals waiting for service, and no loud dryers. 

                                                                                   We understand that your time is valuable, therefore you have a scheduled time                                                                                           to drop your pet off and a pick-up time.  Your pet is our only priority. We service

                                                                                            one pet at a time. We take our time with each pet to ensure the best care

                                                                                              is taken. We are then able to care for pets with special needs.

Our Prices

Our prices are the following:

      - Breed

      - Weight

      - Hair Length

      - Hair Condition

      - Special Needs


For example, a 10lb Yorkie would typically cost less than a 50lb labradoodle. However, if the Yorkie is completely matted and has never been groomed and is slightly aggressive, his groom pricing may end up costing more. 


The prices listed or quotes given are a baseline estimate. Once we do a physical assessment of your pet we will give you an updated quote.

Please note: Doodle and Doodle mix are a high maintenance breeds and require special hair care. All doodle pricing will fall in the highest price range. 

Cat Grooming

We also groom cats. Not all salons service cats due to their unpredictability and difficulty.  Our groomers take their time with cats to ensure everyone's safety. 

Booking Fee

We require a $20 fee to hold your appointment. The fee will be applied to your final invoice the day of service. Should you cancel or no-show the fee will assessed to the credit card on file.

Special Needs & Difficult Pets

We specialize in dogs who may have experienced challenges at other grooming facilities like; puppies who are not used to being groomed, aggressive or anxious dogs and any pet that requires Special Care. Please call to discuss your specific needs with our groomer.  *There is a surcharge.


** Due to their sensitivity and health concerns, we do not groom senior pets (over 10 years of age) who are matted or have medical conditions.


Private Groom 

We do not kennel pets, meaning there are no pets waiting in a cage to be groomed. All pets are assigned a designated time for drop-off and pick-up that must be adhered to.

We offer Private Grooming sessions. During this designated time your pet will enjoy the privacy of one-on-one grooming. There will be no other pets in the room. If your pet has extreme anxiety or difficulty around other animals, or other special needs, you should consider a Private Session.

Pick Up & Drop Off

Because we do not kennel, it is imperative that you pick-up and drop-off your pet at the scheduled times. We ask that you come 10 minutes early if you are a first-time client, so that you can complete your paperwork. We will contact you 15 minutes before your groom is complete to allow for travel time. We do not have boarding space. When you are late picking up your pet, the next client is not getting the dedicated service that we offer.

No Show & Cancellations

We understand that life gets busy. We ask our customers to be respectful of our time and effort, and to let us know if you can’t make the appointment. A 'no show' appointment is a lost opportunity for our groomers. 

Your booking fee will be forwarded to the groomer for lost wages. Contact us immediately to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Our Groomer

At Khaboodles Pet Supplies, we understand how important it is to care for your furry friend. As a trusted pet grooming salon, we provide a range of services designed to keep your pets happy, healthy and looking their best. Our experienced groomers use only the best tools and products, and we’ll work with you to develop a grooming plan tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

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